Friday, May 16, 2003

oh joy... more positive news.... my 30 year old best friend has breast cancer. She has surgery Tuesday. Don't know if it will be a full removal or just a lumpectomy yet, gotta wait to see what they find.

Tornado hit next to where my other childhood friend lives in Muskogee. Fortunately she didn't get hit. THANK YOU FATHER!

Good news - REALLY - my house is caught up to date, my truck is caught up to date, and all my bills are caught up to date!!! I am still a broke child, but my bills are CAUGHT UP!!! And the truck's transmission is all right!!! PRAISE HEAVEN!

If it weren't for these few peaks of light, I might start seriously questioning my faith. Fortunately, I can still have hope. :)

Off to paint my Gram's house. Umm fun? THINK POSITIVE MICHELE! I will get to spend a whole Saturday enjoying my family. A WHOLE SAATUUURRRDDDAAAAYYYY.... um positive thoughts....
HEY I lost another pound - AND I got a HUGE complement from my hubby - he asked me how much weight I had lost, and I told him that I wasn't sure, I hadn't weighed in a week or so, and he told me he could really tell that I had been loosing weight from my butt. HE SAID MY BUTT LOOKS SMALLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!! What a complement from him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOO HOO! I think it is stress related - but still!!!! WOO HOO!!! :)

HAVE A GOOD WEEKEND ALL - I'll try to be back by Tuesday or so! :)

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