Tuesday, February 25, 2003

There are 18 inches of snow in my front yard. Now, I know that for some of you, 18 inches of snow is not a big deal - but for me, in Oklahoma, it's a bunch! My Golden Retriever's love it! My son LOVES it - my car does not. It died. It's not fun. My hubby had to tow it to my work because it was on the highway. He is NOT happy. My son is at work with me because we don't have a day care for him - oh, the fun continues!

Speaking of continuations... My job search continues...I got a call back from one of the resume's I submitted - but it was almost ten thousand dollars a year cut in pay, so I turned it down. I do still have a job, and I am still very grateful for that job, because I know that there are a TON of people who don't have jobs right now, but I am trying to be PRO active and find something before the business I work for closes it's doors.

I'm doing a decent job of sticking to our new budget... not staying on the straight and narrow path of doing it - but I'm not doing horrible either. I did overspend last night - but there's another snow storm coming and I wanted to be sure to have everything we would need to have meals for the next four days if needed... (I'm not that good at planning ahead, so this is an accomplishment for me!)

I am excited! If this weather will end - a BIG group of us girls are planning a "Night Out" just for the girls. We're going to the Cherokee Casino. (Gambling is illegal in OK, so this is as close as we can get to actual slot machines.) Anyway, it looks to be a lot of fun, and there are about 15 - 20 of us going, so we're going to have a ball!

I also have to find something for my co-worker for his birthday on Friday (his is Saturday) but I have no idea what to get the man... he's a really nice man, so I want to get him something nice, but I have no clue as to what to get. My hubby is teaching him to play the guitar - so maybe I'll get him a Capo... that's something he wants, and it's something my hubby can show me how to get...

Speaking of hubby - he is going to audition for a band!!! Can't wait! He played in a band when we were younger - he's an excellent guitar player - and we have a ton of equipment at the house - I hate for it to go to waste - so I'm praying that he is able to get in this band. I know it is something he enjoys, and I know that he would succeed if he had the opportunity. I'm really proud of him.

Boy am I boring or what? I hate being so boring, but when my life was upside down with excitement, I hated it too... I think I need to work on being satisfied with where I am in my life. I know I need to work on loosing weight. Blah! Life continues... If you know anyone who wants a male golden retriever pup - 9 weeks old - AKC registered - excellent health - let me know. I'd be willing to e-mail pictures of pups mom dad and mom & dad's petigrees.... I'd also be willing to drive to meet someone part way if they wanted the pups! :) Just let me know! I'm tired of having four dogs at my house!!!!
Enjoy your day!

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