Friday, February 21, 2003

So I'm not so great at making the time to post on a daily basis... it's closer to a weekly basis... I hope that's forgivable.
Life has been ok... kiddo is sick again today - I think he has strep throat yikes! - Dad is home with him...working from home and calling me every so often to make sure he's not doing anything stupid with sick kiddo.
I had a friend N help me with a budget. I stink at budgeting myself. But I've gotten in pretty deep, and have to find a way to dig myself out of this hole!!! I should be trying to schedule more Mary Kay parties, but I'm really not up for it right now. I just don't have the time - kiddo is sick, hubby is sick... who has time to concentrate on more than that?!?!

Work still stinks. I'm applying for other jobs now though, so I feel like I'm not actively taking it lying down. I got a job offer from one of the places I applied to - but had to turn it down as it was a $10,000.00 a year drop in pay. (yep that was DROP in pay). I think the sales person at my work is leaving, and if she leaves the other staffing coordinator will leave, so why would they even keep the office open?? I wouldn't. So... that leaves me thinking that I had better get on the ball and find something new. and faaaassttt!.
that's all I know for now... I started to blog about something that is close to my heart, but I've decided to wait until I can formulate my words a little better - it was about infertility and miscarriages and what a family goes through and what a woman might feel - at least what I felt - but I decided to wait a little longer - I'm just not up for that right now. It was brought up in one of my "regular reads" and it is close to my heart - maybe too close - so I've decided to wait until a later time... therefore, that is all for now - have a great weekend!

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