Thursday, February 13, 2003

Oh yeah, in addition to everything else, my brother in law got called up full time into the Marines. Not that I'm really afriad for him, because he signed up for them, he is still in the reserves, and he believes in what he's doing - I know in my heart of hearts that he will be ok, and it's not like I'm alone in having family called up either - my co-worker had her neice called up, my cousin is already in the marines stationed somewhere over there - but this is my husband's best friend, his only true friend that he trusts. This is the one person that my husband feels that he can talk to, gripe about me to, drink beer with (when he's in town), get stupid with, and basically, be who he was 15 years ago - without all the responsibility that life has thrown on him. What my husband said last night broke my heart. He said that he was worried all through Bosnia, through Desert Storm, and just when he thinks his brother is going to be safe, now he's gone and gotten called back he's going to get another ulcer and too many sleepless nights. Mike isn't my husband's true "brother" as in blood family, but I challenge you to find two men who are more brothers than these two, because it can't be done.

I didn't tell you what my brat child did either. I guess it's a thing with little boys, but damned, I thought he was better than that. I thought that he KNEW better than that. He scratched his initials into a new shelving unit that I had got for him right before Christmas. I was so mad at the child that I could barely speak to him. I did not spank him, because although I believe in spanking (only on the bottom), I was so angry that I knew it would not be right. I barely kept my composure about me. Barely.

Well, my day is getting better. Slowly. Hopefully that means that by the weekend, it will be good! :)

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