Friday, January 31, 2003

I guess this is a time of new beginnings for me. I'm starting a new blog, I've started as a new Mary Kay Independent Consultant, I'm making new friends - including Nichole - be sure to check out her "words" section - she writes beautifully - Other "News" for me - I am learning to ride a motorcycle, I'm starting a new diet (pray this one works), I'm still working on a "New" relationship with my father, and I'm consitantly debating on a new career.

In holding with my new beginnings, I held my very first Mary Kay class last night - it was SO much fun! The young woman who was my hostess is one of those classic beauties. She has such elegance and grace, plus she absolutely does not know she is beautiful. It amazes me. Her husband is a very handsome genleman from Ireland (?) (I think), and they just scream class. They are genuine, through and through. Her guests included her mom, who is a remarkable lady I work with - she's got more class in her pinky than most people have in a lifetime; her aunt, who was quite amusing - although I'm afraid I insulted her without meaning to; her cousin, who has a smile to light up a room; and her friend, who I don't know, but found interesting. All in all, it was a fun night - full of laughter, smiles, and beauty. Her mom paid me the biggest compliment I've had in a very long time this morning, she said, "Oh Michele, we're rubbing off on you - you are just like one of the sisters". If I could have even 1/4 of the grace, beauty and class that this group of women have, I will have accomplished much.

I guess I could tell you a little about me - hopefully that will hold you over until I learn how to do the "100 things" thing - I am a clerical administrator for a staffing service. That means basically that I work for a staffing service, putting people to work - and screening them before I put them to work. It can be fun, scary, maddening, crazy wild, and rewarding at times. Nothing makes me feel better than to help people. I am a mother of one - a son - he's 9. He is the light of my life, and sometimes the darkness that surrounds the light. When someone asks me to say something about myself, one of the things I can say is that I am a damned good mom. My boy is smart, he's funny, he's polite, he's SPOILED but he's mine (and his daddy's). I am married, to a man who has the patience of Job. He has loved me since the 7th grade. He asked me to marry him 5 (FIVE) times before I finally said yes and meant it and did it. He has watched me grow, and has seen all my faults, my failures, my hopes, my dreams - all of the good and the bad - and he still loves me... amazingly enough, he still loves me. I have two golden retrievers - and right now FIVE puppies - (FOR SALE!) - all are registered by AKC - and ALL are SPOILED! what else would you like to know? I guess that's about all for now, don't want to tell my life story in one session - just want to let you get to know me a little bit at a time. Hate to bore you after all...

I'm glad that it's finally Friday, although I'm not sure why. I enjoy working where I do, so the weekend isn't that big of a deal - I guess I should rephrase - I enjoy the work I do, and I really enjoy the people I work with - so the weekend isn't that big of a deal, just more time to clean and be lazy. I say that because this weekend my husband and son will be out of town, so I'll be by myself, and most likely bored to tears.

well, that was interesting. I just wrote that I would be by myself and bored to tears, and my son's school calls and tells me he's sick and to come and get him... guess he won't be going out of town, and I'll be taking care of a sick boy... I think I'd rather be bored. Well, gotta go, talked to my husband, and I need to be the one to get the boy... bye for now! Have a great weekend if I'm not back before Monday!

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