Thursday, January 30, 2003

So, I'm finally jumping on the band wagon and getting my own blog - WISH ME LUCK! I can't promise anything near as funny as Time For Your Meds but I will promise to be honest, and be myself. This is "A Place for Me" after all. From time to time, I will link to things, the only way I know how... I'm brand new at this, and I do not know ANY code or whatever it is please be patient with me. I hope you enjoy the ride.... eventually, I'll figure out how to put up a "100 Things" area, and then I'll tell you more about me than you EVER wanted to know... (I hope!) Go see Tracy - she's awesome - go see Murphy He's cool - Go see Shan she's family and her new site FoodEEZ because you'll learn to cook better! Again, I say, Wish me luck! If you want to teach me something, I'm willing to learn - but technical things tend to confuse me - so speak slow and use small words, and I may get it... (that is something of a joke - I hope you'll learn to appreciate my humor) - come visit often - leave me comments so I don't feel so alone. Most of all - enjoy your visit.

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