Monday, September 24, 2007

Still hanging in...

Well, Heavens be praised! Granny is still staying strong. She had a bad night Friday night, which is why we were called home on Saturday, but she rallied around and is still fighting. She has a strong grip, and her mind is still 100% - when it’s not fogged by pain killers or pain. There is a period in there though, between the pain getting too strong for her frail body and when the painkillers are so strong they zonk her out that she is herself – sweet, with a wonderful sense of humor, and a merriment in her blue eyes that reminds me of days and years gone by.

This morning, I was talking with Krickett. She said that she only had one Grandma her whole life, and that Grandma was gone now. I admitted that I knew I was very very blessed to have had so many and for so long – she said that with what I’ve gone through this year, she’s not so sure who’s the lucky one. I think, even with all that I’m going through, and all that I’ve gone through, to have the opportunity to know these people, I am the blessed one. Although, I have to be honest, I am questioning it.

My aunt said something over the weekend, it showed me just how country my roots are. She was talking about coming home, and she said she was thinking about it, and her thought was, “OH Buckets!” and then more… but the oh buckets caught me. I am fortunate to come from a large family – I may be an only child, but my family is large. And country - I didn’t say HICK… although I’m certain that we are that as well.

To prove my lack of hick, I will admit that I rode my motorcycle to my hometown this weekend. I didn’t ride it to show anyone I wasn’t hick, I’m only admitting that I did it to show you, gentle readers, that I’m not a hick. It was a long ride - my longest so far. My body doesn’t appreciate it – not one bit. My hips – especially my left hip – are still screaming two days after. My hands aren’t playing very nice with the rest of my body either. They are hurting pretty good today as well. Let’s not even go into the ugly things my neck and back are saying to the nerves that tell the brain about pain. Ok, so maybe I am hick – just dumb enough to do things I know are going to hurt me…. One of those, “Hey ya’ll watch this!” things. It was fun – the ride over was anyway. By the ride home, I was ready to park the bike and get on with my dad and enjoy the scenery.

The boy is selling FFA Blue and Gold sausage. YUM YUM! And he has been invited to go to Philmont Boy Scout Camp this summer. And he is selling boy scout popcorn. And we are buying a sheep for him to show. AND and AND and AND. My life is the normal crazy busy that it’s always been. And it goes on. I don’t know that I’m better. I don’t know that I’m worse. I don’t know that I’m stronger. I don’t know that I’m weaker. I am. I am just as I am. As it says in my profile – I am….

Talk to me… M~

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Roni said...

Much love to you & the family. Hang in there.