Thursday, October 20, 2005


I now have the title of the "BEST MOM IN THE UNIVERSE!" according to my son. I took my son on a helicopter ride last night with the Police Department of our local city. He thought it was amazing. *I* thought it was amazing!

See, what happened, I mean, how this all came about... (cue instrumental and floating clouds)

There was a silent auction here at work, and one of the things we could bid on was a helicopter ride for two. It was to benefit the Charitable Giving Campaign. So, I bid on the helicopter ride. I had it won... almost. Right at the very end of the auction, like at the VERY end when the lady said, TIME'S UP! This man came over, and pushed his way in and wrote his name down - I said, "She said that time is up!" well, he got the prize. He got the helicopter ride. I tried to be gracious about it - but you all know me. I was hurt, and I was pissed. But I did do something RIGHT for once, I did not bad mouth the guy. I said to another girl who came into my office complaining about his behavior, "I don't know if he has a dying mother who's last wish is to ride in a helicopter, he obviously wanted it pretty bad, so it's ok that he got it." I know, I know... I did good on being gracious. So cue a few days going by to Monday of this week. The phone in my office rings, and I answer it like normal (duh) and I have this man telling me that he had heard that I kind of got cheated out of a ride, and would I still want that ride? WOULD I?! WOULD I EVER!!! So, I asked him if I could bring my son along, because that was who the inital ride was going to be for, and he said, "YES". WOO HOO!!! I didn't tell my son where we were going, or what we were doing, just told him that I had a surprise for him on Wednesday. Cue Wednesday coming around, and my son is dying to know what is going on... and on the way there, I told him! He was SO excited.

Then, when we got there, he was even more excited. He got to talk to the Sargents about the birds, and he got to see all about them - where the engine was, where they put gas in the thing, how things worked - all about it. The sargents were so patient! They answered every question my son had and volunteered more information! They could not have been kinder. Anyway, so then we got to go up. They let kiddo sit in the front, and I sat right behind him. It was AMAZING. It was so wonderful! The pilot, he was so kind. He took us over my work, he took us over the October-fest, he took us over much of the city. Then they got a call that the actual police force needed the 'copter to do some work! So we went back (rather in a hurry) to pick up the second sargent and started to go to work! Only by the time we'd done that, the police on the ground had already found the crook. OH WELL! It was an exciting thought! So we flew around some more, got to see both of the universities of our town, and the praying hands, and all kinds of fabulous things! Then we were headed over to see the new Bass-Pro shop, and the pilot says, "Uh-Oh". I almost had a panic attack. "Uh-Oh"?!?!???!!! "UH-OH"?!??!!!! "uh-oh" what? "Uh-oh", I dropped my pen, or "uh-oh", we're going to DIE now?!??! (un)Fortunately, it was just that it had started to rain, and that meant that we had to go back to the landing pad. But all in all, it was an amazing trip. I can not say THANK YOU enough to the kind people who made it happen... and above all else - I am now THE "Coolest Mom in the entire Universe" according to my son. THANK YOU!


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