Thursday, July 21, 2005

And you ALL said I was nuts

I WAS RIGHT! Call it mother’s instinct, call it a unique connection with my son, call it clairvoyance, call it what you will. I was right. I got a letter from my son that is a “form letter” that I created for him so that I would indeed get SOMETHING from him while he was gone. I’ll recreate it here with HIS words in the blanks italicized :

Today is: Sunday

Dear Mom and Dad:

Camp is horrid . I’m having a really bad time. So far this week, I’ve got to fish and take tuors *(yes even left the bad spelling in here for you to see) and reading my bible. My favorite thing to do has been fish . I didn’t really like almost getting lost , but getting to do some reading made up for it.

I love and miss you,

P.S. got in really big trouble.

So – I was right. Granted, the first day of camp is always hard on kids, especially those who have never been away from home without family members being present... And I know that if things started out bad, they can only get better, and since that was sent on Sunday, he probably has gotten to where he is having a ball, and the worst that will happen without them calling me is that he will have a bad time and will never go back. If he were to get really lost, or something like what happens in my dreams, they will call me... however - I still say: My instincts were right, and I want my boy home.


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