Friday, June 17, 2005

Father's Day

Don't you just love this holiday? It's the day when all men prefer to be left alone, and watch something on TV and not have to deal with the fuss. Ok, so not ALL MEN... the men in MY life. Most seem to wish this day never existed. If I spend money on them, they tell me it's too much, if I ignore the holiday, they are hurt... I can't win for losing.

So, I took my dad to lunch today - which is not technically FATHER'S DAY - but is still a nice gesture... and I'm going to go and pick blackberry's for hubby and my grandpa tomorrow so that I'm not actually SPENDING money - and food always wins with my family - and then I'm going to the home town to see them...

I am a broke child. I got paid on the 15th, and I'm already overdrawn. Yep. OVER DRAWN. I made a mistake in my check book, and hubby did something that he didn't tell me he was going to do - so, I have no money. NONE. I'm just a little stressed about that. I am tired of being broke all the time. I'm tired of dealing with money. I'm tired of never having any. We are at a point in our lives where we should have SOMETHING to show for it... instead of overdrawn bank accounts, too late car payments, and mortgage that is past due. Granted, we have no credit cards - which is better than most - but we do have enormous medical bills that are threatening to take us to garnishment court. Plus $175.00 for Boy Scout camp - one week at $175.00 - HOLY HELL. AND Football signups were last week (oops) - but who has the $95.00 it takes for that - not to mention the $60.00 for the uniform - AND the $50.00 for the new cleats - AND the practice jersey - AND the gas to and from practice... No wonder God never let me have any more children. I can't afford the one I've got. CRAP!

Don't worry. I'm just venting. Somehow, it will work out. It always does. Not quite sure how, but it does. I'm allowed to vent every once in a while...

Maybe if I vent loud enough - someone will send me money? hehe. Or someone will tell hubby to get a second job? (So he doesn't tell ME to get one.)

I am tired. I'm just tired.


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