Sunday, October 03, 2004

Happy Birthday Baby!

Friday was my kiddo's 11th birthday. Two weeks after I turned 33, he turned 11. He is such an amazing kid. He makes me proud, he makes me happy. He also makes me crazy, and he scares the hell out of me! But he's my baby. I think that mom's should get birthday presents on their kiddo's birthdays - after all, it's the day that we had to go through hell to get them here.

Kiddo is so spoiled. I am so stupid - but I AM "THE COOL MOM!" WOOO HOO for me! I'm glad that I get that title. I work hard for that title. Of all the things I haved been, of all the things I have done, of all my accomplishments, and of all my failures (more than I should admit) - the one thing I am is a damned good mom. And my baby agrees! (For now).

We had a sleep over - so I had 11 little boys at my house Friday night. We took them to go and see Shark Tale the movie, and then back to my house for the party. (Did I say I had ELEVEN little boys stay the night?!!!) Who else do you know that would feed TWELVE (I had one girl over who did NOT stay the night) children cake at 12:00 midnight? Who else do you know that would sleep in the recliner so that if a child got scared, someone would be right there? Who else do you know that lets the boys have pop and chips in the living room at 2:30 in the morning? Yep, that would be me. I am the cool mom. Who else do you know that would go up to GARTH BROOKS and Trish Yearwood and ask them to meet her son for his birthday?? Yes, that would be ME. (and all 12 children got to meet them both, and he graciously wished my son a happy birthday. )

Happy Birthday Baby!
Momma loves you.

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