Thursday, September 16, 2004


Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday to my friend Michelle! Happy Birthday to US!!!!

I have had a FABULOUS birthday so far!!! When I woke kiddo up, he sat straight up and said, Happy Birthday Mommy! and then fell right back down into his pillows... when I woke him up a second time, he sang to me, in his sweet sleepy voice.

Then my hubby surprised me, and took kiddo out of school and brought him up here to where I work and they took me to lunch. Kiddo gave me a CD I've been wanting forever - Shinedown - which I am SO thankful to get! Then (as if that weren't enough!) when I got back to work after lunch, I got a BEAUTIFUL boquet of flowers from hubby.

On top of all this, my mom is coming over tonight to spend the night with me to celebrate my birthday.

I am so spoiled.
I am so happy.

Happy Birthday Michelle! Happy Birthday to me! Happy Day to EVERYONE!!!

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