Friday, May 07, 2004

Hi. I'm Michele. Remember me? I write this stuff... sometimes

So, yeah. Been a while. Mom had a few more than a few problems with her eyes, so I spent a.. um... while in the old home town. I came home and have been trying to get caught up on things... like family... my friends... my girls. I had over 120 emails to read. OMGOODNESS. *I* never have that many emails. I usually complain that I don't have ANY emails. So anyway, I'm ok. I've been de-stressing. I've been trying to get my shit together. I've been trying to find a job. And I've been considering going back to school... just considering it. I think there is money out there for people who have been laid off to get retrained in something different... so I'm checking into that. If I went back, I think it would be for court reporting. Well see. Anyway, just wanted you to know I was alive. I am ok. Mom is getting better...S l o w l y .... very slowly.
Until next time... M

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