Tuesday, February 24, 2004

I want a new job

I have tried to be nice, and stay, and give my new partner a chance, but I REALLY want a new job. It's just not working for me to be here. We have been getting knocked two steps back for every one we take forward. It's frustrating, and it's not what I want. I want a simple admin position where I can be someone's secretary, and work 8 - 5 and not work any overtime, and not have to be on call, and not have the shit that I have here. I just don't like it here anymore. I mean, I have bitched about my job before, but this - this is ridiculous.

If I were to ever do what I really want to do - it would be to be a stay at home mom, and a photographer. There are so many good photographers out there though. I'm not the caliber that I see, but honestly, I'm not bad. I wish I knew how to post a picture, I'd prove it. One of these days, I'll actually *PAY* for my own host, so then I will be able to have pictures. But that would me educating myself on more of the codes and information that I REALLY don't have time to educate myself on.

Oh, I updated my 100 things. Nothing major, just changed the color of my hair - again - and let you know that I'm back to drinking Coca-cola... I stopped the "stupid" medicine - so I can drink carbonated drinks, and I don't know that I ever told anyone.

I guess that's all. I'm not going to bring up the hell weekend, because it's over. There's not a reason that I can think of that is good enough to worry about it now. Not that I'm so good about letting transgressions lie, but it's just not worth the effor to me to continue to be pissy about it. It's over, so I'm gonna let it be over... for now.

Have a great Tuesday, ya'll.
Until next time.

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