Friday, January 02, 2004

It's A New Year.

Two days into the new year, and I've experienced death. How's that for prospects of hope?
I spent a ton of time with my grandparents growing up. This meant that my grandparent's friends were a Huge part of my life. I was told this morning that my grandpa's best friend died today. "Red" was not a "Driving Force" in my life, but he was more than just my grandpa's best friend... more that of an extra grandpa. He was at all my major events in life. He helped my grandpa find and buy my first car. He went to the "Grand March", so he could see me in my prom dress. He was proud of Austin. He was at my wedding. He was gruff, and tumble, and he loved me. My granddad is torn up. My grams hasn't stopped since she got the call this morning. My heart is breaking for them. I will probably be making a trip to hometown. Even if it's just a day trip. Even if it's just long enough to go and give my grandpa a hug.

I still think this year has a huge amount of hope to offer. I won't let this de-rail my positive thoughts for the new year. I will allow myself to be sad today, but I will also remember the good things, and continue on.

God/Goddess/Dog/Buddha/Great One - whomever you chose - bless us every one.

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