Friday, October 31, 2003


It's Halloween. Ghosts and ghoblins gallore. I can't wait! I hadn't planned on walking the streets tonight, but it looks as if I will be after all. Seems hubby is sick, again, so I will be walking the streets with kiddo, begging candy from neighbors. Letting hubby expose all the little goblins who arrive at our house. (Hopefully not - I will make him wear a mask to try to protect them at least a little).

Last year, someone tried to poison my beautiful dogs, so this year, they are going inside. I think the people and costumes freaked them out a little too much anyway. So this year, they get to hang out in my room, and enjoy the comforts of being spoiled dogs.

Little man is going trick or treating this year - his costume is .....

A grim reaper.

I have to say, this is the EASIEST costume we have had in the last SEVERAL years. He didn't want a full robe, he wanted a black gown, which my mom easily supplied, and a scepter... done. and a skeleton face mask. done. gee, that was easy. Last year, he was a vampire, and that took almost an hour's worth of makeup to manage. Not to mention the cape, the teeth, the fake blood, the hair, the fancy clothes, including shoes, and the white gloves - who gave this kid an idea that vampires wore white gloves??? - the year before was a mummy - still a full bit a time to get fully prepared with all the extra wrapping of hands, feet, etc. So this year, this is a breeze.... I still remember going as a clown, a gypsy, a pirate... things that were home-made and fun.

Halloween is a fun holiday for us. We go around the neighborhood with our friends, and we have fun. Nothing overly demonic. Nothing satanic. Nothing negative. I have non-christian friends who celebrate Halloween for other reasons as well. I have yet to be invited to one of their celebrations. As open minded as I am, I think it would be a lot of fun to go to see what it is all about. An experience of a lifetime.
Maybe when kiddo is older.

Happy Halloween. Stay safe.

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