Monday, September 08, 2003

Well, kiddo lost his football game this weekend. That kinda sucked. But the boys they played were SO much bigger than than our boys were! Oh well.

Sunday was a rough day - don't know why my RA was up as bad as it was, but I was in all kinds of pain, all day long. I didn't do anything except laundry, and lay around. I took a long bath, and relaxed. That's it.

Today has been much better. I went and applied for a job today. I'm really hoping I get it. It's working for the gov't. Say a short prayer for me, will ya? (to whichever God/Dioceses you happen to believe in). The office I work in is really not doing well, and I'm fairly certain that the doors are going to be closing soonish. So, I'm doing all I can to find a door before I'm shoved out this door.

I also started out my day with a random act of kindness. I went through the drive through at What-a-burger for my co-worker (NO, Not for me, I brought myself a yogurt and a banana, thank you very much) and I bought her and the car behind me breakfast. The car behind me didn't know I was doing it. I hope it helped make her Monday start nicely.

Have a good week everyone.

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