Thursday, June 12, 2003

So the weeks almost over, and I've posted more this week than I have in a VERY long time. I'm not sure I could give you a valid reason why... but it just seems as though I've had more on my mind or I've been doing something that I wanted to note or wanted to change... oh well. I'm trying to get into posting more at least.

This has been a VERY challenging week. Very frustrating too. We've got two clients that I could easily have admin assistants WORKING right now... but NO they want to drag their feet. THEN - We had one computer job that I HAD someone hired for, and he decided to take a job elsewhere. THEN (as if it weren't enough with those things) I actually GOT to start one lady at an executive admin position, and when she went in, the president (the vice president is who hired her, although the president interviewed and accepted her) anyway, the president pitched a fit, went into a RAGE and told her to GET OUT OF HIS OFFICE IMMEDIATELY! lovely. now I have an upset associate, a client that doesn't want anyone (although according to the VP, they still want someone, they'll just have to wait on the president to do something else)...and no hours. Damn. Staffing sucks. I just wish I could snap my fingers and have a job for every person who wanted a job - who would actually GO to work and DO the work. Somehow, I'll keep plugging along. Doing what I can to make a difference. One of these clients is bound to break and let me hire someone. UUUGGGHHH! Please?

I wanna get another tattoo. I don't know why. I've been thinking about it for over a year now. The one I have is VERY small, and VERY discreet. (NO one sees it unless I want them to see it - and no, it's not on my breast or my butt.) I want this one on my left shoulder blade. I want an owl in a shield (native american shield) with three feathers hanging down from it and one tiny feather... This would represent my family. My husband is native american, he is of the owl clan of his tribe, thus the owl plus owls are always watching. They always have their eyes open, and watching what's going on... I tend to see more than I let on, and I identify with owls- although I'm not sure why... the three feathers would represent my husband, my son, and me.... and the baby feather would identify the baby that I miscarried. To most anyone, it would simply look like a tribal thing... for me, it would hold special meaning. I don't know if I will ever do this, but it is something that I've been thinking about for some time now. Maybe I will... what's your opinion?

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