Wednesday, June 04, 2003

A really cool thing happened to me today. I met another blogger! Someone I read on a regular basis, and already feel like I know quite well... although I've been a bit of a lurker at her blog, and not really someone who has commented or that she would know. I think I freaked her out a little bit. I know that if it were a situation that was completely reversed, I would be totally freaked. She handled it with grace, and style. Much like I expected her to. She is even more beautiful in person... if you do go over to her, you ought to gaze at her photography... she takes amazing pictures, and she looks amazing in photographs... enough babbling - go see Babzilicious! I felt like I was meeting a celebrity. Here I am a staffing placement person, and supposed to be interviewing her and being all professional, and I kept falling all over myself with how happy I was to see her and meet her in person, then I kept apologizing for how the situation had to be a little on the bizarre side... It was something really neat. At least for me. And if I am able to do something to help her find a job - well, then I think that would just make my day.

I also had another positive thing happen in my life. I had an old friend look me up. Seems he's been sick for a while, but is finally on the road to recovery, and he wanted to let me know.

Although I worked myself into muscle aches, and sunburn from hell, we got our pool set up! So now I get to exercise and SWIM, and maybe get some of this extra weight off my lard butt.

This is turning into one of my better weeks. My stress is lightening. Now, if I could just con someone into going to my house, organizing the damned thing, and helping me throw away/put away/find a place for everything - and then make sure I've gotten it as clean as others I have seen - I would be a VERY happy lady. Amazing the turn around... no?

Maybe it helps that I'm off my meds? I think the up swing of manic is setting in.... I didn't go off them on purpose. HONEST. I just forgot to take them, then when I remembered, I hadn't eaten anything, so I couldn't take them, then I forgot until it was too late in the evening to take them (or I would've been up ALL night LONG) and I've done this for... oh, about a week and a half... OOPS. usually, when I go off my meds, I don't do anything but cry. I wonder what's different this time. It's not like I'm on anything too strong. Effexor. and hormone replacement. That's it. No paxil, no wellbutrim, no lithium... just effexor. it "balances" me. supposedly.

Hey, did I tell you that I am working on a 100 things list? I'm at # 54. It's a LOT harder than I thought it would be. Then I think, who would really want to know 100 things about me??? I don't even want to know 100 things about me. I also worry about what I might put on there that not everyone knows about me. What if someone in my family finds this (hello family who already has found this!) that doesn't know these things - then questions me about them - what if I don't want them to know? Babz (see above) said that there are some things that she keeps sacred... and that I just need to find my boundries. It's good advice. I just don't know for sure where those are yet.

She also told me to get movable type. I'm not sure what that is. I didn't want to sound completely ignorant, but at the same time, I want to know if it's a different place to put my blog, or something to use to blog with... ??? MUST do more research. I've seen it on several pages - "Powered by movable type"...just never knew exactly what that meant. If it makes my life easier - I'm all for it.

I'd better get back to work. Just HAD to blog about meeting Babz. It was too cool. I also gave her this address - so HI!
See ya'll later. M~

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