Monday, April 07, 2003

I have to take a minute to brag on my boy. He's 9, as I've said before. His dad took him to a Hunter's Safety Course, because he wants to go hunting with dad. He was one of three 9 year olds in the class. The next youngest was 12, then the class ages went up from there. My little man was the only 9 year old to pass the test. One of the 12 year olds failed. It was a HARD test to pass. My husband swore that little man was not going to pass - said it was just too difficult, the class was too long, and that the boy was not paying enough attention to do well in the class. I am so proud of my son! Even though in the state of Oklahoma, he could hunt everything except deer without a safety course, I said no, until he passed - well, folkes, he did it! Now he wants to go hunting and then try the different foods that hunting offers... ohhh fun for me! (NOT!) At least I am much more comfortable with the knowledge that my son has gun safety. He knows how to use, how not to use, how to clean, how to take care of guns. (Not all of that did he learn from the class - some of it he learned from dad)... none the less - he now has someone other than mom and dad who feels like the kid is safe with guns! I really am proud of him.

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