Friday, March 14, 2003

You are a temptress

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Pretty cool, huh!?! Not the first time I've been called a witch. Not the first time I've taken it as a complement. ;) One of these days, I'll actually *learn* more about spells, and be able to *actually* cast a spell. I would do something positive... just haven't decided what.

Get to go "home" for the weekend - to my hometown - and see my grandparents, mom, aunts, uncle, hubby's family and even a few friends this weekend! I'm excited! Also get to have our taxes (YUCK) done. But at least I'll be comfortable with them... guess I'm still small town enough to only trust *my* tax man and not a "big city" tax man that I don't know. Not that I don't feel they are qualified, just that I don't know them, and I definitely don't know how to do the tax thing myself, so I go to someone I'm comfortable with, that I know and respect.

Can't wait to see what kind of crap kiddo gets me into. I've let him spend the *WHOLE* day with my dad, and tonight, he'll see my mom - so I'm bound to get into something. She really does not (NOT) like the man, so she REALLY does not like the boy spending time with him...and I usually get all kinds of nonsense for letting them hang out together. both in one day... boy am I. in. t.r.o.u.b.l.e... but hopefully, mom won't take it out on me by not fixing me what she'd promised... she said she was going to fix Manacotti... MY FAVORITE!!! I've been skimping, and being really careful on my diet so that I could really enjoy this weekend with her! I am planning on watching my portions, and eating a TON of salad first, so that I will fill up mostly on that, but I am REALLY looking forward to dinner there. The rest of the weekend, I can be picky, my family is used to that anyway. So I'm not too worried.

I also get to see a friend that I haven't seen in several years, so that sounds like a ton of fun! Also, I'm supposed to get to pick up a dresser for my room. I haven't had one of those in about 6 months, so I'm REALLY looking forward to that. Nothing like picking up your clothing from folded piles on the floor. I have hung up everything that I can hang up - but underpants, bras, and socks just don't hang well. So, I get to pick up one from my aunt. I'm thrilled with that idea.

Next week, I get to keep my baby cousin for the first three days of the week. I'm excited to have a baby in the house again. I want another child SO much. My husband says it will be a good test for me. Maybe then he will take me serious on wanting to adopt a baby. He just doesn't think that I *REALLY* want a new baby when our child is 9. He thinks that I am in love with the *idea* of another baby, but that when it came down to it, I would regret the decision because of all the freedom I would have to give up to have another baby in the house.... I think he's wrong. I've wanted a baby for so many years now, I don't think the ache will ever go away. I want a baby girl. A beautiful little girl to add to my family. My son is my world, don't get me wrong, but I really want a little girl who could worship her big brother, who he could protect, who we could raise and love, and spoil as much as we have my son. A little girl who could either be a priss or a tom boy, who could be a wonderful wife to a man or a woman, who hopefully would give me grandbabies to love along with my son's someday (hopefully) children.

I shouldn't tell you all, especially before I tell my group, but I'm going to... I lost two and one half pounds this week, and the week isn't even all the way over!!! YEA!!! I'm really proud of me.

I also had to get glasses. It was quite the blow to my self esteem. I don't know why for certain. But it is. I've never had to wear contacts or glasses or anything, and at 31, I had to get glasses. I knew that my sight was going, but I really wanted to get contacts... somehow, not possible for me. I had to get glasses because of a stigmatism. damned it. Oh well. I'll get used to them. I hope. Just one of those things, when you have never had glasses, it's a shock to your system to have to get them. Oh well.

HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND! Sorry to leave on such a short notice, but I'm gonna have to go, so I can get "home"!!!

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