Thursday, June 04, 2009


I know, I know - stop getting on soap boxes - but really - this time, it's worth it! GO BUY and SUPPORT FLA-VOR-ICE! PLEASE!!! See the email below from Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation -

Dear Families,

Kensington, MD - Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation is excited to announce the production of the first Gold Ribbon specially marked commercial product. Available now in your grocery store are specially marked boxes of Jel Sert's Fla-Vor-Ice. Fla-Vor-Ice® was introduced by Jel Sert in 1969, and quickly became the leading freezer pop in the United States. The Jel Sert Company is proud to extend its corporate commitment to sponsor the Gold Ribbon for Childhood Cancer on its Fla-Vor-Ice products.

Jel Sert’s Fla-Vor-Ice has delighted families for over 35 years with great tasting freezer bars made with 25% real fruit juice. Now proudly displaying the gold ribbon for childhood cancer awareness, Fla-Vor-Ice is helping Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation support our nation’s littlest cancer patients. For those of you who can’t wait to get to the store to read the text along side the gold ribbon on the box it reads: "Jel Sert is proud to support the fight against childhood cancer through knowledge and awareness. Please visit www.candlelighters. org for more information, support and to learn how you can help provide hope for these children and their families ....because kids can't fight cancer alone!"

To thank Jel Sert for their commitment to our nation's children with cancer, we are asking that you take a few minutes to thank the company. You can email them using the drop down at the bottom of the page at: http://www.jelsert. com/contact_ us.asp or you can call them at: 800-323-2592. Please let them know how thrilled we are that they have chosen to build awareness of this childhood cancer cause.

We also encourage you to check out your local grocery stores and make sure that they are carrying the specially marked Fla-Vor-Ice product.

Finally, we would like to compile pictures of our children enjoying eating Fla-Vor-Ice. Please email any pictures that you have to Ruth Hoffman at: ruthihoffman@ See our website for examples of two children who are excited to see the gold ribbon on the product:


Now that we have our FIRST specially marked gold ribbon product, let's work together to see more of them! If you have contacts to other company management, please contact Ruth so that we can let them know of Jel Sert's commitment, as well as work with them to discuss how their company can build awareness of childhood cancer too!

Together we can build awareness of childhood cancer!

Ruth (Please forward to friends and family THANKS!)

--Ruth I Hoffman
MPHExecutive Director
Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation
Cell: 202-262-9949

**** Me again - please support Fla-vor-ice - it's cheap, it's cold, and it's a great cause! I called the company this morning (Thursday) and told the lady Thank you - she was genuinely surprised to hear from me, so the more we can support this cause, the more support these companies are going to be willing to give!


Just Be Real said...

Michele, thank you for sharing. Blessings.

Tracy said...

I love the stuff. You make me want to run out and buy some right now.