Thursday, April 16, 2009


Life is again upside down... as usual.

My ex is in NY for work, so I get the boy all week! I'm so thrilled!! I get him from Monday (four days ago) until next Tuesday, April 21! I'm so thrilled! It's been a fun several days. (Only half of that is facetious.) Let me see if I can give you a quick run down:
  • Monday - I took off work early, took the boy to take his driving permit test (written part) and he failed. He blamed ME, the DMV, his friends - everyone but himself for not studying properly
  • Tuesday - pretty calm day - nothing too major - except at dinner, we had one of the worst experiences we've had to date. Part of the Chicken Fry was raw, the hash browns were burnt, and no cheese was added as was supposed to be, no syrup for the boy's pancakes, and half a dozen other things as well...
  • Wednesday - my aunt had a heart attack. She was life flighted to OKC heart hospital. She is doing better than expected, and may get to go home before the end of the weekend! AND I got to go and tell my cousin who I've called my niece her whole life who is in a psychiatric hospital for post traumatic stress disorder and anxiety.
  • Today - I'm honestly not sure what today will bring.
  • Tomorrow - Who knows?

SO - while it hasn't been all fun and games, I really have enjoyed having my son full time. I'd love to keep it that way. He's so interesting to me - I love watching the way his mind works!

That's my update folks - that's what's going on in my world. I wish I could make some profound post about life, love, pursuit of happiness, but really - it's just me and my life.

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Just Be Real said...

Michele, wow what a week you have had. I am so very sorry for all your turnmoil. It sure is not pleasant. But, glad you had a glimmer of happiness with your son being with you full time. Hope your aunt continues to improve. Thank you for sharing just you and your life! That is what it is to be real! Blessings!