Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Wednesday Weigh In

See that little number over there? It's gone down another 3 pounds. I'm 1 pound away from my first goal. I wonder why I do not feel more proud of myself. I think I am just down today. Not certain why.

I had to do some soul searching for my grrls - we had an assignment: write 50 positive things about ourselves. Now, for you, that might be an easy task... it wasn't so easy for me. I got to about 2 and had to ask for help, then once I had a couple of ideas, I made it to 35 before I had to really think about it. I am really good at positive negatives, "I'm really good at screwing things up", but that was not acceptable. The next assignment was to really look at the statements and make sure they were accurate and true, and not a positive negative. Then we had to pick our top ten.

So, that's my assignment to you, my lovely readers, tell me the top ten things about you that you like. Once I start getting some responses, I will post my top ten... in no particular order.

Go on now, comment, give me more reason to love you...

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