Monday, October 06, 2003

Weekend JOYS

Weekend Joy!

Weekend was full of fun! Kiddo's team WON the football game! Yea Rams! Kiddo made four BIG tackles - so I guess he really was a key player in this particular game - stopped the other team from scoring points and kept them winning. I was really proud of him.

Camping was not as bad as I expected it to be. I really enjoyed the outdoors - yes me, believe it or not. I cheated and bought this WONDERFUL air mattress so, I'm not sleeping on the ground, and we also bought these WARM sleeping bags, so I was cozy warm, off the ground, and sleeping good.... UNTIL - the rain... and let me tell you. It RAINED. and RAINED. and RAINED. Kiddo was warm, he thought that he was so warm that he was sweating - nope... his part of the tent was leaking... (he has an attachable/detachable tent to the main tent) so he crawled in bed with me... not fun. Not fun at all. Other than that, the camping trip was good. I wish I had more time to blog - tons of stuff to catch you up on...but appearantly not at this moment. Maybe later today. Until then... have a great Monday!

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