Wednesday, July 02, 2003

I am so excited!!! My husband's best friend/ person he has called "Brother" for most of his life - is coming to visit us!! (Actually, he's coming to visit his family ((mom, dad, aunt etc.)) ) but he's staying with US! I love this man as if he were my brother in law. He is such a great person. He's the one I posted about being in Iraq. I am so glad that he is Home safe!!! M is bringing his wife and son too! Things will be packed full of fun/adventure/drinking/popping fireworks/ having a good time!!! I am so ready for this weekend! M should be in today. Hubby took off work to greet him. Hubby even made a specific batch of beer for them to drink this weekend. I think M is the only person who can drink the stuff other than the hubby. None the less, it is wonderful to have them here. I'll tell you a secret if you promise not to tell hubby... I have had a crush on M for as many years as hubby and I have known one another. But I'll tell you another secret that you CAN tell hubby... I married the RIGHT brother. M is one of those wonderfully handsome men that all women love to look at... he reminds me (and many others) of Brennan Frazier... handsome, funny, built like a brick shit house... and a marine to boot. BUT, he would've never tolerated me all these years, and he is one of those you can just look at from afar... not one I would've ever acted on anything even if hubby and I had not married... (OBVIOUSLY, I didn't try anything before (or after) I married hubby - and it's not something that I regret). I just adore him. He's too cool.

Motorcycles are running! AND legal!!! Guess who's gonna be on a BIKE all weekend long!!! WOW! (I'm not sure I am comfortable with it, but I'm gonna be on it!) I'm just gonna go with the flow. Pray I don't kill myself or anyone else.

Also... please send good vibes for kiddo. We're trying to break a tradition here. Last year was the FIRST (need I remind you the child is 9) the FIRST year that we did not have to go to the ER on or around the 4th of July. I have had to take the child EVERY year since he was born...except last year. (However, the year before, we went TWICE, so I'm hoping that last year was not just left out because of the two times before)... When he was a baby, his cousin accidentally hit him with a sparkler and left a burn from hades, and every year thereafter, we've had to go for one reason or another. So please, send good vibes for kiddo...make sure this not welcome tradition is broke. He is a boy afterall, and he is almost 10... so keeping him completely away from the things is out of question. especially with his daddy and his uncle being such nuts for the things... myself, I'd just assume drug the child, make him sleep for the next five days, and then wake him up when it's all over. Unfortunately, that is out of the question.

What else is going on? Ummm... Dad's girlfriend's daughter is coming to town this weekend, so I'm gonna go over and meet her. I really like the girlfriend, so I'm sure I'll like the daughter as well. She's either my age or a little older. (the daughter, not the girlfriend) I also got the latest ACM awards book... it's so cool to know someone who has connections to country music. I really like that. Not that I have used it in any way, shape or form, but it's neat to just know someone. The girlfriend said to tell anyone who was frowning at dad that, "If the recently retired executive director of the academy of country music thinks he's good enough to live with and spend the rest of (her) life with, then he can't be all bad". I thought it was amusing. She throws her title around only when she wants something or really wants a statement to stick. She's really a cool lady though.

I guess that's enough for now. I'll try to post something tomorrow after I've seen the b-i-l and let you know how sexy he is this time... hahaha! :)


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