Monday, April 14, 2003

Another Monday... At least I am trying to get here on a weekly basis...
My hubby thinks he has our problems figured out. He at least has a solution to us being so deep in dept. That at least is a positive thing. His job is looking better too. That is another positive thing. I lost all of one pound...but one at a time, that's a positive thing. We had a weekend to ourselves this weekend. Mom came and got the boy. It was a good weekend other than the fact that hubby spent most of Saturday sick. BLAH. Friday we went to the movies - saw ANGER MANAGEMENT and laughed my butt off. It was really funny. Hubby didn't know that I liked Adam Sandler... I think the man is quite humorous. So I had a "date night" for the first time in a while... we went and had chineze for dinner then to the movie... then we went home. Saturday, we went to my dad's and gave him back his ladder, and let him borrow our fertilizer spreader... talked about going out with dad Sat night, grabbed lunch at Braum's, and took hubby home... I went and did one of my best friend's daughter's makeup for prom. It was a ton of fun. I let her borrow my pearls, and I fixed her makeup all pretty... She looked like a princess. Just beautiful. Then I did some of her cousin's makeup - mostly just her eyes... They are the best kids. I'm really fortunate to be able to be able to "do" makeup. It makes me feel SO good to be able to help in any way. I really like being able to help out. Somehow, if I can do something for someone else - record something on a VHS tape, fix makeup, post a positive comment - SOMETHING, it makes me FEEL better about myself, my life, me.
I am at the very least, going into this week with a better outlook on life. I know a lot of people who are in worse situations than I am in. My husband is faithful, loving, kind - he doesn't hit me, he doesn't cuss at me, he is very good to my son - OUR son - he works hard at making a good living, and he doesn't abuse alcohol or drugs. My son is highly intelligent, kind, obedient (as much as a 9 year old can be), doesn't drink, doesn't have sex, isn't involved with gangs, doesn't do drugs, loves me and his dad, and is an all around good kid. My life is not bad. I have a lot to be thankful for. I am very blessed. I let some things get to me last week, and I'm going to try very hard to not do that this week. Nicole - thanks for the kind words last week. I'm gonna try to do better at keeping things in perspective this week. One day at a time... it's all going to be better. :)

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