Monday, March 24, 2003

I'm still trying to figure out how to put up a link on the side of my blog. I don't know how to do this. I've had a really neat person - Nicole - offer to help me, but I've been being stubborn and trying to figure it out on my own. It's not working. I was trying to do this from home the other night, and my dear hubby just laughed at me. He did pay me quite the backwards complement the other day... told me that my new glasses make me look very intellectual, then told me, "Too bad you can't pull it off!" The SHIT! He was playing, but some days, I really do feel stupid. I try very hard to educate myself, so that I am not too ignorant on any one subject, but sometimes, I think that it is more than just lack of knowledge, I think it is plain old stupidity. I'm pretty good with people, but when it comes to being really smart, I frequently doubt my abilities. OH WELL!

I'm gonna give this one more try, then I'm gonna ask if Nicole has any time to help me if I don't get it first. There is a list of things that I want on here, and I just don't know how to do it. I've figured out how to get the text to link somewhere, but not the end part... also, if I wanted a place that I could put in my list of 100 things that everyone seems to have, I have no clue how to do that... I'll have to try to figure that out, then see if Nicole has enough time for me.... she is extremely busy right now though, and I hate to be a bother.... But there are some really good blogs out there that have some good things to say, and I think that they are worth reading so I'd like to link to them.... I guess I'll just do that here for now....

Go see SickSider. She's got it down. I agree with her - I am worried about how this is going to affect ME, my family, my home. I think this is just the beginning to something really bad. It's in my bones, and I'm afraid. I want to know that I will still be able to let my little boy go outside and play, that I'm not going to have to make him put on a chemical suit, gas mask, and whatever else to go ride his bike.

Go see Shan Especially her post on or about the 20th. I agree with her too. What are those mama's gonna tell their babies?

But you know what? What am I gonna tell MY baby when he asks me about his Uncle Mike? What am I supposed to tell my baby when he sees people out protesting this war, and he asks me if what his uncle is doing is wrong? What am I supposed to tell my beautiful little boy when he questions something he has valued his whole life - when he asks me, "Isn't Uncle Mike in the Marines to fight for our freedoms - including freedom of speech?" And all I can tell him is that yes, Mike fights for our freedoms, that's WHY those people are allowed to protest this war, because we do not live in a dictatorship. You know what my baby told me? He asked me why we didn't send those people over to live there then. If they didn't want to have freedom for everyone, why didn't they go live over there?

I think I've presented this war in a pretty liberal light I've tried to show my son several sides to this war. My son is intelligent enough to make decisions for himself. He may not be old enough to really know all that is going on, but he is old enough to have an opinion on right and wrong. He is old enough to disagree with me, and articulate enough make a valid argument as to why he disagrees with me, not just a childish emotional one. He asked me my opinion of this war. I told him...and I think it's the first time I've spoken my mind without worrying that I am going to be stepping on someone's toes over this. I am not PRO war. I am not ANTI war. I am VERY VERY much PRO Soldier. If I chose a side, I would be Pro war. Not for any political reasons or pro governmental reasons or anything like that. I am PRO Soldier. That means that since my brother-in-law is over seas doing something for the government of the country that I chose to live in, then I am going to support him - regardless. Not that I think that all anti war supporters are anti soldier, because I know that some of them stand on the statement that they are PRO soldier, that's why they are protesting - they are saying bring our boys home... I know this. But my brother is over there (he is not the only family we have over there either). He is doing what he feels he needs to do, to protect me and mine. Maybe I'm stupid, maybe I'm just ignorant on the subject, but you know what? That's my brother, and I'm gonna support him, no matter what. He's there. I love him. It breaks my heart and I don't sleep. My husband sleeps less - it's his brother and just as important, it's his best friend. The whole thing is making me sick. I want my brother to be all right, but as long as he is there, and as long as he believes in what he is doing - I am going to support him 1000%. He is doing what he feels is right, at least that's what his last e-mail said. He is protecting me and mine from chemicals that half the world didn't believe were there. He is protecting me and mine from dictators who would just assume not have a United States of America on the planet anymore. Maybe the timing is wrong, maybe the dictator is wrong, maybe the chemicals never would've come... but that's not what my brother believes, and therefore, I support him, and any other soldier who is there. I proudly wave my flag, and wrap my yellow ribbon on my tree, and say my prayers - morning noon and night for someone - ANYONE - God - Goddess - anyone - to protect him and the others.

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