Friday, March 28, 2003

damn. I had a really articulate post written out here, and the damned blogger freaked out on me, and lost it all. Shit. just makes me mad. I worked really hard on that post too.
well, here is the jest of what I said... I gave up on trying to reformat my blog, I'm gonna ask for help today. I have been recruiting help in sending care packages over seas and it's been pretty cool. I've sent two already, and this weekend I'm sending another one... I don't know for certain who to tell you to contact other than specific people that you might know - that's how I'm doing it - I'm sending things to specific people and they are sharing with everyone they can... but I do know that Blue Star Mothers of Oklahoma and Mix 96 of Tulsa, Oklahoma are taking donations and sending over seas.
Things that *I* have specifically been asked to send include:
BABY WIPES I guess those things are as precious as diamonds or gold over there
insect repellant
laundry powder
disposable cameras
games (cards, UNO, crossword puzzles, hand held electronic, Nerf footballs)
cd's - any kind of music - and all kinds of music
individually packed snack items (crackers, cookies, little debbie snack cakes, beef jerky, vienna sausage)
small bars of soap
small tubes of toothpaste
shaving cream
razor blades (for men and WOMEN)
foot powder
AA batteries
books (paperbacks)
small baggies (to put the batteries, cards, games in to keep as much sand as possible out)
envelopes (with stamps on them)
writing tablets
copenhagen, skoal, cigarettes (no I don't agree with tobacco use, but you know what? These men and women are doing a pretty stressful job, and if they want a smoke, then damned it, they deserve one - and I'll just harp on them when they get home to quit!) - Also, I hear you can almost buy a mansion with a pack of smokes over there, so they are few and far between as is.
AND most importantly - LETTERS - for men and WOMEN... seems that the wives who have been left here in the states have been pretty good about writing to their husbands, but the husbands who have been left here in the states suck at writing their wives - and some of the women aren't married, so don't have husband's to write to them - anyway, I was told the women are in need of some TLC and some letters sent to them. So lets get them going! :)
Last but not least - HOME MADE goodies - cookies, cakes, brownies - get creative!! Pictures, drawings - everything is appreciated! (Be certain that if you are sending food, you have it WELL sealed, so it doesn't loose any moisture - who likes dry cookies? YUCK!

ANYWAY - figure something out - support our troops, whether you agree with this war or not, those people are over there, and they miss us - make them know they are loved! :)

I'm gonna try again... this isn't exactly what my last post said, but I am not as articulate when I'm irritated with blogger for losing everything I had before... wish me luck this time!

Have a good weekend... if I get chatty, I will try again, but probably not because this aggrevated me so!

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